Same-day Installation


As professional services providers, SadarSat Company offers same-day installation for the products we offer our clients, to use for your home or business. That means you can get an installer to your home the same day you call Рno waiting around. Our fully qualified staff is more than happy to take the task at any given time.

Full Automation


If you’re looking for full control of your home and business security, we’ve got you covered. You can remotely view any camera footage from a smartphone or any web-enabled device, and even turn small appliances on and off. You no longer have to worry about it, You’re in full control, no matter your location.

Clear Pricing


All of our¬†packages and fees are clearly broken down into easy-to-understand and clear pricing, no hidden costs. All your costs are given to you upfront, so you don’t have to worry about extra fees and service charges. Our contracting and payment basis will be declared upon quoting phrase.

Sleep comfortably knowing your home is safe.

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